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AACTIVE COIN is proud to announce TAP TV is here! 

What is TAP TV?

TAP TV is an interactive, digital out-of-home entertainment experience for bars, clubs and any other place where people gather to have a great time. TAP TV Trivia is free to play and provides hours of fun. Players use their own smartphones and free TAP TV app to answer challenging multi-choice trivia questions that are displayed on TV’s inside a venue. To learn more

Places to play in Winnipeg

  • Brick & Whiskey Bar & Grill (Formerly Players)
  • Jeffrey’s Restaurant & Lounge
  • LaSalle Hotel
  • Movado Sports Bar & Grill
  • Nicolett Inn
  • St. Norbert Hotel
  • Tavern United – Windsor Park Inn
  • The Edge Bar & Grill

To view the TAP TV poster